The 50mm x 50 meter American tape is essential for any tool kit. With its powerful adhesive properties, it is ideal for multiple applications, from home repairs to professional tasks.
Resistant to moisture and wear, it adheres to various surfaces, guaranteeing durable and effective solutions for every use.
The Supermist 4 L humidifier is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier with a 360º diffuser and a 4 litre tank. It has an analogue selector to regulate the humidity and a safety system that stops the device if it runs out of water or overheats. With a capacity of 380 ml/h, it can run continuously for 15 hours. A cleaning kit is included and it is recommended to use distilled or osmosis water to prolong its life.
The Smart Controller is a device for controlling ventilation and temperature in growing spaces. It automatically adjusts the ventilation according to the temperature, with a hysteresis of 3ºC, increasing the speed proportionally to temperature increases and reaching its maximum capacity if the temperature is 3ºC higher than the desired temperature. It is easy to use with just two rotary knobs, runs on a 1-phase 220/230V - 50Hz supply, and has a 5 metre long sensor.
The Climatek oscillating fan with clamp is a compact and versatile device designed for tabletop use or hanging on pipes. It features two speeds, adjustable angle and orientation, and a long-life motor. With a power of 25W, it operates at 220V and 50Hz, offering quiet and energy efficient operation. It is ideal for small spaces, providing uniform and comfortable ventilation.
The Temperature and Ventilation Controller is an advanced device that allows the ventilation speed to be continuously adjusted according to temperature. It offers a wide range of settings, including a hysteresis of up to 7°C, easy push-button configuration, two fan/extractor inputs, and an internal temperature sensor. This controller is ideal for managing microclimates in environments such as greenhouses or grow rooms.
The reinforced aluminium tape, 75 mm wide and 45 meters long, is highly versatile and resistant, ideal for industrial and domestic applications. Combining the properties of aluminium with additional reinforcement, it offers corrosion resistance, heat reflection and thermal insulation.
Its reinforcement protects it against tears and abrasions. With a width of 75 mm and a length of 45 meters, it provides ample coverage and durability. The adhesive adheres firmly to various surfaces, guaranteeing a durable fix.
The XT Climatek centrifugal extractors, designed for greenhouses, combine power and silence in black ABS plastic housings.
Their efficient engine is aligned with activated carbon anti-odour filters, maintaining constant flow even in complex installations. They are adaptable and allow power regulation.
The SIMPLIFY LIFE STAND FAN 40CM 45W is an efficient and practical device for cooling various spaces. With an ideal size of 40 cm and a power of 45W, it provides an adequate airflow while maintaining energy efficiency. It stands out for being particularly quiet, which makes it ideal for places where noise is a concern, such as bedrooms or work areas. In addition, it is quick and easy to assemble, offering a convenient solution for users looking for effective ventilation without installation complications.
Climatek flexible tube is the ideal solution for your ventilation needs.
Made of durable and high quality materials, this tube offers mechanical resistance and reliable protection.
With a simple and economical installation, it comes in 10 meter containers and is available in a variety of sizes. Get efficient and durable performance with Climatek flexible tube.
The Megamist is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier with a 360º diffuser, 8-litre tank and an analogue selector to adjust the humidity. It has a safety system that stops the device in case of lack of water or overheating. It has a capacity of 260 ml/h, is light (2 kg) and compact (36x27x20 cm), and includes a replacement for the misting module and a cleaning kit. Distilled or osmosis water is recommended for best performance and durability.
The Climatek 40W wall fan is the ideal choice for keeping your space cool and comfortable.
With oscillating design, PP blades and quiet operation, it offers efficient and quiet air circulation.
Its efficient power, wall mounting and control options make it the perfect choice for any environment.
Keep cool with the Climatek fan.

48 Boxes per pallet.
The metal clamp is a key tool in construction and plumbing, designed to splice and reinforce connections between pipes of different diameters. Usually made of corrosion-resistant steel, it ensures durability and resistance to adverse conditions.
The adjustable design ensures an airtight seal, preventing leaks in pipes that transport liquids or gases. With easy-to-use tightening systems, this clamp provides safe and efficient joints, which are essential in pipeline projects.
The Twin Controller is a fan controller for temperature regulation, with independent settings for minimum air inlet and outlet speed and negative pressure. It includes a temperature sensor and features:

Inlet and outlet air control with independent settings.
Fully adjustable automatic temperature control.
Easy push button calibration.
Incorporates a rear mounting plate and temperature sensor.
Temperature range from 5 to 55°C with 1°C differential.
IP44 type protection.
Compact dimensions: 140x220x110mm.
The Climatek Sonoconnect flexible tube is the perfect choice to reduce the noise of the extractors in your ventilation system.
With acoustic and thermal protection, this high quality tube offers exceptional performance. Available in various sizes, the Sonoconnect guarantees the durability and efficiency of your ventilation system. 
Optimize your crops with our horticultural humidifier. It generates a fine mist of up to 5 liters per hour, providing the right humidity for the healthy growth of your plants.
Easy to use and maintain, efficiently covers large growing areas with uniform fog distribution. Its durable and silent design ensures reliable performance.
Improve the quality and performance of your plants with our powerful humidification solution. Boost your crops today!.
The 75w wall fan is essential for demanding growing rooms. Equipped with aluminium blades, it combines power and efficiency, ensuring constant and effective air circulation. Its lightweight design maximises air flow while operating silently, avoiding disturbances.
The wall-mounted installation saves valuable space, optimising air distribution from an elevated point. It is an investment in quality, ideal for growers looking for precision and ventilation performance.
SoftBox extraction boxes are ideal for environments that require quiet operation. Manufactured with foam insulation and an internal motor suspended on rubber rings, they minimise vibration and noise. They are compatible with round flexible ducting, especially of the Sono type, and are available in a variety of flow capacities from 1500 to 7000 m³/h. These features make them perfect for noise-sensitive locations such as studios or residential spaces. Each box includes sleeves for easy installation.
The high-precision thermo-hygrometer with large screen is an essential instrument for growers.
It measures the temperature of the probe and the thermohygrometer itself simultaneously, providing detailed monitoring.
It also has a clock and measures relative humidity.
With its intuitive design and precision, it is a reliable tool to optimize the success of your crops. 
The plastic crown sleeve is a key accessory for the installation of ventilation ducts. Used to securely fix pipes to the wall, it screws on easily and allows pipes to be inserted in a stable manner. Available in sizes ranging from 100mm to 315mm, it adapts to different pipe diameters, making it versatile for different ventilation needs in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Its durability and practical design make it an efficient and reliable solution for any ventilation system.
The Multi Controller is a device that functions as two climate controllers in one, with independent hysteresis. It offers three main functionalities: separate control of the inlet and outlet airflow in one space, simultaneous control of two spaces with different configurations and a resistance capacity of up to 32 AMP. It comes with a rear mounting and cooling plate, two external temperature sensors and four fan/exhaust sockets in two groups with independent controls. Specifications include a temperature range of 5 to 55°C, with a differential of 1°C per step and dimensions of 150 x 230 x 85 mm.
The new ISO-BOX AIRFAN FOAM BOXES, lighter and more comfortable than the old wooden ones, offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, reducing noise and vibration. They are easy to move and assemble thanks to their FOAM material. Available in various sizes (1500 to 7000 m³/h), they all include sleeves and can withstand temperatures from -40 to 110°C. In addition, they are fire and chemical resistant.
The Climatek 3-in-1 fan is a versatile and reliable option for keeping your space cool.
With its 75W power, quiet operation and aluminium blades, it offers efficient, long-lasting performance.
You can use it on the floor, mount it on the wall or use it as a stand fan.
Enjoy a cool and pleasant atmosphere with the Climatek 3-in-1 fan.
The stainless steel crown sleeve is an essential component for connecting ventilation pipes through walls. It is installed at both ends of the hole, where the duct is inserted. This sleeve, available in sizes from 100mm to 315mm, is characterised by its robustness and durability, being resistant to corrosion and other environmental factors. It bolts to the wall, forming a solid and secure structure, making it ideal for a wide range of applications in ventilation systems in residential, commercial and industrial environments.
The speed regulator with 2 A fuse is designed to control the speed of fans and extractors up to 300 W. It is ideal for adjusting the motor speed of centrifugal fans and other types of fans. It is crucial not to decrease the ventilation below 50% to avoid permanent damage to the motor. If less ventilation is required, it is better to purchase another fan rather than reduce the power of the existing fan further, as lowering it below 50% can irreversibly damage the motor. This regulator ensures safe and efficient use of ventilation systems.
The HTW 50 litre dehumidifier is designed for areas with high humidity, preventing condensation and stains on walls. It features a removable tank, fill indicator and timer for convenience. It stands out for its self-diagnostic function that ensures the correct operation of the equipment. It is ideal for maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment in spaces prone to humidity.
The crown sleeve is a robust and durable metal part designed for connecting ventilation pipes through walls. It is placed at both ends of the hole in the wall, allowing the ventilation duct to be inserted securely and accurately. This sleeve, which is screwed firmly to the wall, provides a solid and stable structure and is a practical and reliable solution for ventilation systems in a variety of residential, commercial and industrial environments. Its design and construction ensure an effective and long-lasting installation.
Tempcon is a plug-in unit designed to control heating and cooling systems. It activates the electrical current depending on the temperature: for heating when the temperature falls below the set point and for cooling when the temperature exceeds the set point. Specifications include a maximum load of 16 A - 3680 W for resistive loads and 2 A - 460 W for inductive loads, with a temperature operating range of 0 to 40 °C and an accuracy of ± 1%. Tempcon is ideal for maintaining an accurate and controlled ambient temperature.
The aluminium Y-joint is an essential accessory for ventilation systems, used to divide or combine airflows. Made of durable, corrosion-resistant aluminium, this part is lightweight yet robust, making it easy to install. Available in various sizes (100mm to 315mm), it is suitable for a variety of ventilation installation needs in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Its versatility and reliability make it a popular choice for professionals in the construction and maintenance of efficient ventilation systems.
The union sleeve, made of galvanised steel, is a key component for ventilation systems, used to extend or modify pipe runs. Available in sizes ranging from 100mm to 315mm, it suits various needs in ventilation installations. Its material guarantees durability and corrosion resistance, making this sleeve a reliable and versatile choice for residential, commercial and industrial ventilation projects. Its robust design ensures a secure and stable connection between the pipes.
The Metal Reduction Coupling is an essential accessory for ventilation systems, designed to connect pipes, extractors and filters of different diameters. It is particularly useful when there are size discrepancies between components, such as an extractor with a smaller mouth than the pipe or filters of different diameters. Made of strong metal, it ensures a secure and durable connection. Available in sizes such as 200 to 150, 250 to 150, 250 to 200, 315 to 200 and 315 to 250 mm, it offers a wide range of options to suit various installation needs in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Its robustness and versatility make it indispensable for the installation and maintenance of efficient ventilation systems.