ZerumPro Gel is a highly effective odour neutraliser that eliminates unpleasant odours by breaking down odour particles in the air, rather than simply masking them. After removing the odour, it transforms the particles into mild scents available in different fragrances such as wild strawberry, melon with berries, menthol, neutral and repellent. This product is available in plastic (can) or environmentally friendly and recyclable PET containers in capacities ranging from 400g to 12.5kg, allowing it to be adapted to various needs and preferences.
Climatek carbon filters offer an effective solution for removing odours from extraction systems. Thanks to the highly porous activated carbon, these filters neutralise volatile organic compounds and other pollutants, effectively purifying the air.
The Climatek range covers a remarkable range of sizes, with diameters from 150mm to 315mm, and flow rates ranging from 1500m3h to 3500m3h. These options ensure adaptability to various systems and needs. With Climatek, you invest not only in odour removal, but also in air quality and well-being.