23 Micron Clear Stretch Film: This is a hand-applied stretch film designed to wrap pallets and protect goods during shipment. It has a width of 50 cm and a weight of 2 kg. Its main feature is its transparency, which allows you to see the wrapped products and is useful for inventory control.

Black Stretch Film 30 Micron: Similar to the transparent product, this stretch film is for wrapping pallets and protecting goods during transport. It is available in rolls of 50 cm wide and 2 kg in weight, but its thickness is 30 microns, which makes it more resistant. Its black colour can be useful for maintaining the confidentiality of goods.

Both products are essential to ensure the security of goods during shipment, and the choice between them will depend on whether you need greater strength (black) or visibility (transparent).
Pest stakes are essential tools that provide support and stability to your crops and gardens.
Made from durable materials, they help prevent plants from bending or breaking under their own weight.
With their adjustable design and easy installation, the stakes adapt to different types of plants.
Keep your plants upright and prevent damage with these reliable stakes.
AFG scissors offer a precise and clean cut. Their ergonomic design and durable blades ensure comfortable handling.
With a resistant spring system, they are ideal for plants of different sizes.
Get professional results and take care of your plants with these versatile and reliable scissors. 
The Green Eye Unicorn is a high quality headlamp that uses green light, invisible to plants, to make it easier to work in growing areas without disturbing their night cycle. It is compact, lightweight and features an optical lens that creates a concentrated beam of light. It also offers power options and is adjustable up to 80 degrees to suit different growing situations.
AFG scissors with a curved tip are the ideal choice to care for your plants with precision. Designed with ergonomics and sharp blades, they offer a clean and safe cut. Their curved tip facilitates access to difficult areas and prevents accidental damage.
These versatile and high-quality scissors will give you professional results in the manicuring of your plants, keeping them healthy and with an impeccable appearance. With AFG, enjoy taking care of your plants.
The 8x pocket magnifier is a compact, portable, unlit tool ideal for magnifying small objects and making accurate measurements with its fixed scales. Its foldable design makes it convenient to carry in your pocket or anywhere additional magnification is needed.
The plasticised steel braces are durable and resistant, ideal for supporting plants.
Available in lengths of 120cm, 150cm and 180cm, they adapt to different heights.
The plastic coating protects against corrosion and prevents damage to plants. Easy to install, they offer stability in any environment. Keep your plants upright and promote their healthy growth with these reliable braces.
AFG pruning scissors are an inexpensive tool used in gardening to cut branches and stems of plants with precision. Their ergonomic design and cutting mechanism allow for clean and efficient cuts.
Made of tempered steel sheets, they offer durability and corrosion resistance. Designed with a safety lock to prevent accidents. AFG pruning scissors are valued for their affordability.
The 60X LED microscope is a portable tool that uses bright LED lights to detect plant pests and diseases. It offers 60x magnification and is ideal for accurate identification of plant health problems. It is compact and easy to carry in the garden or greenhouse.
The square netting is a plastic product designed for the vertical cultivation of climbing plants such as cucumbers, beans and tomatoes. Its 15x15 cm squares provide support and guidance for healthy growth. It can also be used horizontally in larger crops, promoting greater production and organisation in plant growth.
Microscopes for pest, disease and flower ripening control on plants are essential tools for growers. Available in three magnification ranges, they allow pests to be identified, damage to be assessed, diseases to be detected and trichomes to be observed to determine the optimum harvest time. With low magnifications (10x-40x) for general inspections, medium (50x-100x) for finer details and high (150x-200x) for close analysis, these microscopes help prevent problems, improve crop quality and educate growers about the health of their plants.
The black plastic clip is an essential tool for the staking of horticultural plants. It offers easy positioning, safety for the plants without strangulation and durability. It is versatile and suitable for various staking needs in vegetable growing.