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The Climatek 40W wall fan is the ideal choice for keeping your space cool and comfortable.

With oscillating design, PP blades and quiet operation, it offers efficient and quiet air circulation.

Its efficient power, wall mounting and control options make it the perfect choice for any environment.

Keep cool with the Climatek fan.

48 Boxes per pallet.

  • BOX OF 1
  • BOX OF 2

The Climatek 40W wall fan is the perfect solution to keep your space cool and comfortable. With its oscillating design, this fan distributes air evenly throughout the room, ensuring efficient circulation.

The fan is equipped with PP (polypropylene) blades, which offer optimal performance and durability. In addition, the use of PP blades contributes to quiet operation, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful environment without disturbance.

With a power output of 40W, the Climatek fan is energy efficient, delivering exceptional performance while keeping your electricity bills under control.

Its wall-mounted design saves space and offers easy and safe installation. You can adjust the fan speed according to your needs and preferences thanks to its different control options.

All in all, the Climatek 40W wall-mounted oscillating fan is an ideal choice for keeping the environment cool and pleasant.

With its quiet operation, energy efficiency and ease of installation, it is the perfect addition to any home or office space.

Supplied in boxes of 1 unit

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