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HYDROFLOW Osmosis are high flow rate water purification equipment It is a compact and functional osmosis equipment. With a pressure higher than 3 bar and with an EC not higher than 800 ppm you can get up to 1000 L/D of water with really low ppm.

Removes 95% of the mineral salts contained in the Water. Removes 99% of chlorine. It helps protect the earth's beneficial micro-organisms. With osmosis water you can add more nutrients and improve the production of your crop.

Includes a pressure pump for installations with low flow rate.

Boost your horticultural production with our exceptional osmosis equipment, designed specifically to meet the demands of high-performance agriculture. Our state-of-the-art reverse osmosis system has the capacity to generate up to 1000 liters of pure, impurity-free water per day, providing the vital resource your crops need to reach their full potential.

This equipment has been carefully designed to meet the specific needs of farmers and horticultural producers. 

Using advanced technology of reverse osmosis, our system efficiently removes pollutants present in the water, including salts, undesirable minerals and pathogens that can affect the healthy development of your plants.

Our osmosis equipment has a robust and durable structure, designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of horticultural environments. High quality materials ensure wear resistance and long life of the system. Thanks to its high production capacity of 1000 liters per day, this equipment is ideal for meeting the irrigation needs of large growing areas.

Provide your plants with the exact amount of purified water they need for healthy growth and optimal production, avoiding problems associated with poor quality water. Our horticultural osmosis equipment is characterized by its ease of use and maintenance.

Rely on our cutting-edge technology and boost your horticultural production with our 1000-liter-a-day osmosis equipment. Ensure the constant supply of purified water and optimize the growth and yield of your crops.

Discover the power of osmosis for your horticultural needs today

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