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B-52 provides essential vitamins for plants to grow strong and optimise yields, especially in hydroponics. It improves crop weight and quality, stimulates cellular processes and carbohydrate production. Contains vitamins B2, B3 and B7. Apply to leaves or roots at 2 ml/L up to one week before washing.

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B-52 is a vitamin supplement designed to provide your plants with the essential vitamins they need for healthy growth and maximum yields. This product is especially beneficial for plants grown in hydroponic systems.

Benefits of Vitamin B for Plants: Vitamin B offers a variety of crucial benefits to plants:

Improved Crop Weight and Quality: B vitamins significantly improve the weight and quality of harvested produce.

Stimulation of Cellular Processes: B vitamins are instrumental in stimulating key cellular processes, resulting in healthy and vigorous growth.

Carbohydrate Production: Aids in carbohydrate synthesis, providing the energy needed for strong vegetative growth and high production of essential oils.

Need for Direct Vitamin Supply: Although plants can synthesise some B vitamins from available nutrients, they do not do so quickly enough to maximise their yield. For this reason, an additional direct supply of vitamins is essential. This allows plants to invest less metabolic work in vitamin production, optimising their growth and development.

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