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Brutal Blooms is a powerful product for the flowering phase of plants. It contains bio-minerals, bio-stimulators and more phosphorus and potassium, which improves sugar, flower and resin production. It also optimises photosynthesis and protects plants against stress, resulting in more abundant and higher quality harvests.

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Brutal Blooms is an exceptional product designed to boost plant performance in the flowering phase. This revolutionary product contains a unique combination of bio-minerals and bio-stimulators, plus an impressive 50% more phosphorus and potassium as a minimum. The most important thing is what it does not contain: it is free of unassimilable substances such as sodium and chlorine, which guarantees an effective and high-quality nutritional approach.

The biostimulators in Brutal Blooms come from a new generation of supplements that have been proven effective for more than a decade. During the 4 to 6 weeks of the flowering and ripening phase of your plants, you will experience a number of remarkable benefits:

Explosion in sugar and flower production: Brutal Blooms stimulates the production of essential sugars that fuel flower growth, resulting in more abundant and higher quality harvests.

Optimised chlorophyll molecules: This improves the plants' ability to photosynthesise, which means they can make better use of sunlight and nutrients.

Optimal resin crystal production: Brutal Blooms promotes resin formation, which increases trichome content and bud potency.

Improved final weight: With an increase in sugar, flower and resin production, you can expect a considerably higher final weight of your crops.

Protection against stress factors: This product strengthens the plants' resistance to stress factors such as drought, temperature fluctuations and pests.

In short, Brutal Blooms is a revolutionary flowering product that optimises sugar and flower production, improves photosynthesis, increases resin formation and protects plants against stress. It is an essential tool to maximise the yield and quality of your crops in the flowering phase.

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