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Multi Zen by House&Garden is a powerful growth stimulator, enriched with enzymes, coenzymes and vitamins. It facilitates plant development by accelerating growth, breaking down dead roots and strengthening resistance. Its enzymes transform nutrients for optimal absorption. Apply by diluting 1 ml per litre in the nutrient tank, adjusting the pH. Versatile, it can be used throughout the growth cycle, providing a comprehensive boost for healthy, robust growth.

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Multi Zen by House&Garden is a highly effective growth stimulator, enriched with a unique combination of enzymes, coenzymes and vitamins. Designed to enhance plant development, this product accelerates and facilitates the growth process in a comprehensive manner. Its formula promotes the decomposition and elimination of dead roots, helping to maintain a healthy root system.

This stimulator not only promotes growth, but also improves the plant's resistance. The enzymes present in Multi Zen play a crucial role in transforming nutrients into forms that are more accessible and digestible for the plant, thus facilitating their absorption. This optimised nutrient assimilation process contributes to robust and healthy growth.

The application of Multi Zen is simple. It is recommended to dilute 1 ml per litre and add it to the nutrient tank together with the preferred base. After preparing and adjusting the mixture, it is crucial to adjust the pH level to ensure optimal conditions. The versatility of this product allows it to be used throughout the entire growth cycle of the plant.

In short, Multi Zen is not only a growth stimulator, but also a comprehensive tool for improving the health and vitality of plants, providing a significant boost to their development from roots to shoot tips.

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