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Top Booster by H&G is a bloom stimulator that combines potassium, phosphorus and EDDHA-Fe chelate to promote successful flowering. Potassium initiates flowering, phosphorus stimulates fruit formation and nutrient uptake, and EDDHA-Fe chelate improves leaf colouring. This ensures quality flowers and optimal performance in the flowering phase of the plants.

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Top Booster by H&G is an essential bloom stimulator based on a combination of potassium, phosphorus and EDDHA-Fe chelate. These elements are essential for the flowering process of plants.

Potassium is a key nutrient that plays a crucial role in the initiation and development of flowering. It helps to activate and regulate the processes leading to flower and fruit formation, which is essential for the success of the crop during this critical phase.

Phosphorus is another essential component of Top Booster. It plays a vital role in fruit and flower formation, while also participating in fundamental metabolic processes such as respiration and nutrient assimilation. This ensures that plants have the energy and resources they need to produce healthy, abundant flowers.

The EDDHA-Fe chelate in Top Booster has a specific purpose: to improve leaf colouring. This is important, as healthy leaf colouring is an indicator of a well-nourished and healthy plant.

Together, H&G Top Booster provides the essential nutrients and elements that plants need for successful flowering. Potassium initiates the process, phosphorus stimulates fruit formation and supports nutrient assimilation, and EDDHA-Fe chelate enhances leaf colouring. These combined components contribute to the development and quality of flowers, which is essential for the success of any crop in the flowering phase.

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