PK 13-14  ATA
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PK 13-14 ATA

ATA PK 13-14 is a high quality supplement that provides essential phosphorus and potassium to stimulate the formation of strong, compact flowers on plants during the flowering phase. It dissolves easily in the irrigation water, is rapidly absorbed by the plants and improves the size, quality, flavour and aroma of the flowers. It is recommended to start its application in the first week of flowering for best results in growing plants.

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ATA PK 13-14 is a high quality supplement specifically designed to enhance the flowering phase of plants. This product is an essential source of phosphorus and potassium, two crucial nutrients at this stage of the plant's life cycle.

One of the key advantages of ATA PK 13-14 is its ability to stimulate the formation of robust, compact flowers. This translates into a significant increase in flower size and quality, which is especially important for growers looking for high quality harvests.

A highlight of this supplement is its easy application, as it dissolves completely in the irrigation water. This means it can be quickly absorbed by plants, allowing essential nutrients to efficiently reach where they are needed.

Phosphorus, one of the key components of ATA PK 13-14, plays a key role in cell division and in the development of larger, healthier flowers. Potassium, on the other hand, contributes to the strengthening of stems and branches, improves sap circulation and enhances the flavour and aroma of flowers, which is crucial for plant lovers looking for high quality products.

It is recommended to start applying ATA PK 13-14 from the first week of flowering, directly into the irrigation water, to ensure that the plants receive the necessary nutrients at the right time. In summary, ATA PK 13-14 is an essential supplement for those who wish to maximise the yield and quality of their crops during the flowering phase.

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