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Introduce a new era in horticultural lighting with the POWERLUX 1000W sodium bulb, the culmination of light performance for your crops. With an impressive power of 140,000 lumens, this bulb offers an exceptionally bright light source that promotes the growth and flowering of your plants at all stages.

The advanced bulb technology ensures uniform and high-quality light emission, mimicking natural sunlight efficiently.

Efficiency and durability are hallmarks of this high-quality bulb, with significant long-term savings. Maximise your horticultural production with this unparalleled light source.

Get ready to experience the peak of horticultural lighting with our new POWERLUX 1000W sodium bulb! This top-quality bulb is the ultimate solution to boost the growth and flowering of your plants. With an impressive power of 140,000 lumens, this bulb offers an exceptionally bright light source that provides a perfectly balanced light spectrum for all stages of your plants' development

. The 140,000 lumens of light intensity ensure highly efficient photosynthesis and stimulate the growth of lush leaves, robust stems and abundant and healthy flowering.

 The cutting-edge technology of our POWERLUX sodium bulb ensures uniform and highest quality light emission, faithfully replicating natural sunlight. In addition, this bulb is incredibly efficient and durable, with an extended life and reduced energy consumption. This not only provides you with reliable performance, but also allows you to achieve significant long-term savings on your energy costs.

Installing this 1000W bulb is simple and compatible with most standard lighting systems, making it easy to use in your existing configurations. Experience unparalleled performance and maximise your horticultural production with the unparalleled power and quality of our POWERLUX 1000W sodium bulb with 140,000 lumens.

Discover the power of the highest quality lighting and take your crops to the next level with the new POWERLUX 1000W sodium bulb. Your investment in this bulb will be rewarded with exceptional results and unparalleled growth of your plants.

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