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Our AFG fabric pots are perfect for your crops.

With sizes of 3.5, 7 and 10 gallons, they promote healthy root development and optimal drainage.

Breathable and reusable, they improve the growth of your plants.

Trust in the quality and versatility of our AFG fabric pots.

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Our horticultural fabric pots, from the renowned AFG brand, are the ideal choice for your crops. Made of high quality materials, these pots offer an optimal growth environment for your plants. Available in sizes of 3.5, 7 and 10 gallons, they adapt to different needs and stages of growth.

 AFG fabric pots allow a greater flow of air and better drainage, which promotes healthy root development and prevents supersaturation problems. The breathable material prevents water logging and moisture accumulation, reducing the risk of disease and promoting vigorous growth.

These pots have handles and are easy to use and carry, giving you flexibility in your growing area. In addition, their foldable and washable design makes them reusable and environmentally friendly.

With their strength and durability, they will accompany you through multiple growing cycles. Trust in AFG brand fabric pots to enhance your horticulture. They provide an optimal growth environment, improving root development and avoiding drainage problems.

Available in various sizes, they adapt to your needs. Discover the quality and versatility of our AFG fabric pots.

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