LED MATRIX 720W 2.85
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LED MATRIX 720W 2.85

The LED "Matrix" 720W v2 from Powerlux is an efficient and economical lighting solution for plant cultivation. With 6 light bars and an efficiency of 2.85 µmol/J, it offers an optimal spectrum thanks to its Samsung and Osram LEDs. It is ideal for growers looking for high performance without compromising their budget, providing exceptional and long-lasting results at an affordable price.

The Powerlux "Matrix" 720W v2 LED is an advanced lighting solution that combines quality and economy, designed to deliver optimum performance in plant cultivation.

Main Features

1. Efficiency and Performance:

   - Light Efficiency: With an efficiency of 2.85 µmol/J, the Matrix 720W v2 LED maximises the amount of light available to plants, promoting faster and healthier growth.

   - 6 Light Bars: Designed with 6 light bars, this LED ensures an even distribution of illumination, widely covering the grow area and ensuring that all plants receive an adequate amount of light.

2. High Quality Components:

   - Samsung and Osram LEDs: Equipped with diodes from renowned brands Samsung and Osram, the Matrix 720W v2 offers a balanced and efficient light spectrum. Samsung LEDs are known for their high efficiency and reliability, while Osram diodes complement with specific spectra needed for growing and flowering plants.

3. Optimal Light Spectrum:

   - The combination of Samsung and Osram LEDs provides a full spectrum of light that is ideal for all phases of the plant life cycle, from germination to flowering, effectively simulating natural sunlight.

4. Cost-Effectiveness:

   - Affordable Price: Despite its high quality and advanced features, the Matrix 720W v2 LED is offered at a competitive price, making it an attractive option for growers who want high yields without incurring large expenses.


- Exceptional Results: Thanks to its high efficiency and quality components, users can expect outstanding results in terms of growth and yield of their crops.

- Uniform Coverage: The 6 light bars ensure even distribution, providing all plants in the growing area with adequate illumination.

- Versatility: Ideal for a variety of growing environments, from home gardens to large-scale commercial installations.

- Durability and Reliability: High quality components ensure a long LED lifespan, providing a lasting investment for growers.


The Powerlux "Matrix" 720W v2 LED is the ideal choice for growers looking for excellent performance without compromising their budget. With a combination of efficiency, quality components and an affordable price, this LED promises to deliver optimal growth and exceptional results in an economical and long-lasting manner.

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