LED PLUS 640W 3.0
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LED PLUS 640W 3.0

The POWERLUX 640w LED is a high-performance LED lighting product, with an adjustable dimmer with which to adjust the power of the equipment for each vegetative cycle. It was designed for expert growers to get the most out of your grow room.

It is designed with the best Samsung 301H and Osram 660nm LEDs. Efficacy 3.0 umol. It is a fully tested product with performances never seen before with other lighting equipment, the heat that the product gives off is very unremarkable.

It can be used with a Controller to have total control over the LEDs. 

The POWERLUX 640W LED is a high-performance led lighting product designed to offer exceptional results in your crops.

Equipped with an adjustable dimmer, this LED allows you to easily adjust the power of the equipment according to each vegetative cycle.

This lighting system has been specifically designed to meet the needs of expert growers, allowing them to maximize performance in their grow room.

With the best Samsung 301H and Osram 660nm LEDs, the POWERLUX LED 640W led offers superior light quality for optimal growth and development of your plants. With an efficiency of 3.0 umol, this product has been exhaustively tested and has demonstrated an unprecedented performance compared to other lighting equipment available on the market.

In addition, the POWERLUX LED 640W generates very little heat, which helps maintain an optimal temperature in your grow room without overheating. For total control over the LEDs, this product can be used by a controller, giving you the ability to adjust and customize the lighting to your specific needs. Discover the unparalleled power and performance of the POWERLUX LED 640W.

Designed for expert growers, this LED lighting system will provide you with remarkable results in your crops, offering precise control, efficiency and exceptional light quality

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