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Grotek's Solo-Tek™ is a scientifically researched product that offers high quality plant nutrients for horticulture. Its carefully balanced ratios, nutrient chelation and pH control make it ideal for a variety of growing systems. It contains natural extracts to enhance plant development and crop quality. In addition, its innovative technology allows low dosages due to its high concentration and the absence of water in its formula.

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Solo-Tek™ is the result of extensive research conducted by Grotek's team of scientists, with the aim of improving the basic nutrients available on the market and promoting optimal plant development in horticulture. This product offers high quality nutrients, carefully combined in specific ratios to provide ideal plant nutrition.

Examples of these ratios include a 3:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium and 9:1 ratio of nitrate nitrogen to ammonium nitrogen, among others. Primary, secondary and micronutrients are chelated to ensure their uptake by plants. In addition, all Solo-Tek™ products are formulated with a supercharged pH to keep it within a suitable range during application, which is especially relevant given that Solo-Tek™ Grow and Solo-Tek™ Bloom are organic based, making pH control critical due to possible fluctuations when using organic contents in the nutrient solution.

The inclusion of plant extracts such as kelp and other natural ingredients helps to maximise plant development, increase leaf count and improve sugar levels at harvest.

Solo-Tek™ is a versatile product designed for use in a variety of growing systems, whether hydroponic, soil, coco, outdoor or greenhouse. In addition, Grotek has employed innovative technology to create an organo-mineral hybrid suspension formulated without water, meaning that the entire contents of the bottle are pure nutrient. Due to its high concentration, application rates are very low, making it an efficient choice for growers.

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