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The Powerlux Ballast with Pwm port for Mastercontroller is compatible with 250, 400 and 600w sodium, halide and LED lamps.

A high-quality product at an unbeatable price. Thanks to the Pwm port, you can connect up to 30 ballasts simultaneously to a Mastercontroller.

 Features such as high power factor, high conversion efficiency, better heat dissipation have been improved. "Soft Start" lighting to improve the life of the lamp, it is a fanless and totally silent product.

The Powerlux Ballast With PWM port for mastercontroller is the perfect choice for those looking for a high quality and exceptional performance ballast. This ballast is compatible with 250, 400 and 600W sodium and halide lamps, giving you versatility and flexibility to adapt to your lighting needs.

With improved features such as high power factor and high conversion efficiency, the Powerlux Ballast ensures efficient use of electrical energy, which  translates into lower energy consumption and savings in electricity costs. In addition, its optimized design allows excellent dissipation of heat, which contributes to a longer life of the ballast and lamps. One of the outstanding features of the Powerlux Ballast is its "Soft Start" lighting, which provides a smooth and gradual lighting of the lamp.

This not only protects the life of the lamp, but also prevents sudden current fluctuations, which contributes to a more stable and prolonged operation. In addition, the Powerlux Ballast is a fanless product, which means that it operates completely silent. This is especially beneficial if you want to maintain a quiet environment that is free of annoying noises.

In short, the Powerlux Ballast is a high quality ballast with improved characteristics and compatibility with various sodium and halide lamps. Its high power factor, conversion efficiency and better heat dissipation ensure optimal and long-lasting performance. Smooth power on and quiet operation make it a reliable choice for your lighting needs. Do not compromise on quality or performance, choose the Powerlux Ballast at an unbeatable price

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