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The basic timer is a tool for controlling electrical devices, with a maximum power of 1800 W and configuration in 15-minute intervals by means of removable tabs and switch. Ideal for automating the switching on and off of equipment.

  • 30min/24h
  • 15min/24h
  • 1800
  • 120x75x30

The basic timer is an essential tool for controlling the switching on and off of electrical accessories such as lighting equipment, fans, pumps and other devices. It has a maximum switching power of 1800 W, which makes it suitable for a variety of applications.

This timer offers a simple and effective programming function. It can be configured to switch connected devices on and off at specific time intervals. The minimum operating time is 15 minutes, and is achieved by means of removable tabs and switch. The tabs are set to the desired time, allowing for easy and precise customisation of on/off cycles.

The timer provides a convenient solution for automating repetitive tasks, which can save energy and ensure that devices are turned on or off according to a desired schedule. This is especially useful in gardening applications, scheduled lighting and control of electrical systems in the home.

In summary, the basic timer is a versatile and easy-to-use tool that allows efficient control of electrical devices, with a maximum power rating of 1800 W and a minimum switching time of 15 minutes via removable tabs and switch.

Voltaje Output (V)
Frecuencia (Hz)
Amperaje (A)
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